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Welcome to Centaur!

Since it was founded in 1986, Centaur, Inc.’s business focus has been concentrated in adaptations of proven new technology -- wvet symbolith special emphasis in biotechnology -- converting successes from the human healthcare market to address similar problems in the animal health markets. 

Centaur’s first products of prominence were concentrated in the equine market, and focused on diagnostic technologies that were representative of ‘breakthrough innovations’.  One such product is the Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) diagnostic that was adapted from the human AIDS test and for which a patent was granted in 1995.    

Centaur, Inc. (Centaur) and United Agriculture and Veterinary Products, Inc. (Unavet) were two separate Kansas City based animal health businesses that have been operational since the mid 1980’s.  Both companies had been engaged in sales activity in separate but complimentary segments of the animal health market.  The merging of the two existing companies in 2001 provided efficiencies and growth opportunities available that would not have been available to either company individually. 

Centaur has intentionally limited its pharmaceutical distributors to provide nation-wide coverage, but ideally with only 2 to 3 distributorships in the same geographical area.  This has not only intensified sales presentations to targeted accounts, but has also decreased the solicitation of orders based upon selling price alone.   

The Company also maintains the right to sell its products direct, (as is required by the USDA on the EIA tests), should an interested laboratory or veterinarian not wish to deal with one of the select pharmaceutical distributors.  Centaur’s ‘direct customer base’ currently numbers approximately 1000 accounts, with Centaur currently stocking, shipping and billing its EIA tests to approximately 200 of the 500 USDA approved laboratories.