Key Staff Members

Skip Metrokotsas: Vice-President & COO

Skip has varied and extensive experience in building, servicing and selling fluid filling equipment specific to the unique properties of the products being filled at Centaur. Skip’s responsibilities have grown from managing production to now include production planning, inventory control, coordination of raw materials and packaging availability. He is an active member of the Quality Control Unit. He has become the primary contact for all private label customers at Centaur. Skip interfaces with every facet of Centaur’s day to day functions.

Marlena Richardson: Quality Assurance Manager

Marlena obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry in 2006 from Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. Marlena has various industry backgrounds including Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage as well Distilled Spirits. Marlena has worked for large and small companies in those industries including B.F. Ascher, Clinical Reference Laboratory, Boehringer Ingelheim, Interstate Brands Corporation, Corbion and McCormick Distilling Company. At these companies tasks ranged from quality control, quality assurance, regulatory,bench chemistry, instrumentation, research and development to managerial tasks.

Debra Nickelson, DVM, MBA: Director of Technical Services & Equine Products Marketing

Dr. Nickelson worked in mixed animal and companion animal practices and directed a veterinary diagnostic laboratory before her career in veterinary industry. In the last 20 years plus, she has provided technical services, marketing and business development for several animal health companies. Dr. Nickelson focuses on the technical and marketing aspects of Centaur’s pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products to build the business.

Dr. Nickelson is Secretary for the American Association of Industry Veterinarians and a member of AVMA, AAEP, Kansas City VMA and other professional organizations.