Custom Manufacturing

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Centaur Animal Health manufactures liquids, powders, creams, ointments, and gels, producing in packages as big as 55 gallon drums, or as small as 4 oz bottles for the liquids, in packages as big as 54 lbs and as small as 1 pound for the powders, and as small as 2oz and as big as 5 pounds for the creams. The ointments are all one pounders, and the gels are in 8 oz containers. The bulk of our production is in gallons and quarts, with intended expansion to accommodate paste products as well in the near future. These products include bulk chemicals, sanitizers and disinfectants, skin and wound dressings, hoof care products, and our newest product category, nutraceuticals.

Our animal health industry participation also includes diagnostics to detect animal diseases, with a contract for animal health diagnostic production with an established company whose primary products are human diagnostics. We anticipate several new diagnostic additions to our current lead equine product (the ‘Coggins test’ for horses), which will extend our diagnostic base from primarily equine to also include tests for small animals (beyond our current heartworm tests), as well as tests for diseases in cattle (both beef and dairy).

Centaur produced the equivalent of more than 439,000 gallons in liquids during 2015, and another 24,000 pounds of powdered formulations in 2015. In our best year, we were able to produce almost 60,000 pounds of the creams, and very near 113,000 pounds of the ointment. The single gel product accounts for another 350 gallons of product.

Were we to fully utilize our facility on one shift, we could expand our production capacity by 33-40%. With a second shift and more equipment, Centaur could more than double 2012’s actual production.


Centaur has been guided in our new product innovations by our President & CEO and our Director of New Business Development, who have a combined 75 years of experience in ascending responsibilities with the top tier companies within the animal health industry. Centaur has pioneered the development of genetically engineered antigens in the diagnostic field, receiving a patent for its technology. In recent meetings, the Company has secured rights to bioengineered peptides that have proven to be effective in reversing (and potentially preventing) a number of disease problems affecting both production and companion animals. The experience of the management team at Centaur allows us to identify and secure researchers of prominence in the specific disease entity, and perform meaningful research that not only satisfies academic questions, but produces quantifiable results for producers and pet owners alike. Centaur’s products’ performance have been validated, and then published in refereed journals, by researchers such as Dr Darrel Peterson from Virginia Commonwealth University and Dr Frank Andrews at Louisiana State University. There have been various other supporting presentations made by prominent researchers and veterinarians over the years, but these articles were neither commissioned by, nor originated from our Company. The ‘movers and shakers’ in animal health have always seemed to support Centaur’s efforts to validate new concepts and innovative applications of our science, which has contributed greatly to the list of informed industry participants we can use when new developments and/or products become available.


Centaur is FDA, cGMP, DEA, OSHA, and our diagnostic products are USDA certified through our manufacturing partner. Our regulatory manager has been HACCP, SQF (Safe Quality Foods) and CPO (Certified Plant Operator) approved.

Available Capacity:

As stated earlier, with current equipment, the Company has another 33-40% capacity with a single shift. Increasing to a second shift, and adding additional equipment, Centaur has the potential to DOUBLE our production over 2015’s numbers.


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