Egusin 250

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What is the Egusin® concept?

Egusin consists of two types of stabilizing dietetic feed supplements for adult horses, young horses and foals suffering from EGUS, stress periods and an imbalance in the intestinal system due to a high production of excess gastric acid.

The Egusin concept is based on a unique combination of active nutraceuticals, neutralizing excess gastric acid, protects the stomach lining and preventing the formation of “stress stomach” and stress related colic and diarrhea conditions.

What does the Egusin concept include?

The Egusin concept consists of two types of stabilizing dietetic feed supplement:

Egusin SLH®– used as the first dietetic feed when “stress stomach” is observed.

Egusin 250®– used as a “second follow diet” to maintain proper stomach function.

Why do we use Whole Oat Groats?

Whole oat groats functional value:

  • Beneficial dietetic fibers and nutritional components:
  • Beta-glucan- gels in the stomach, acting as a coating for the stomach lining.
  • Insoluble oats fibers- delay the stomach emptying which aids in preventing gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Polar lipids- rich phospholipids aid in re-establishing the stomach lining.
  • Natural antioxidants- aid in protecting the muscle cells from degradation by the free radicals.