Giardia Antigen Test Kit

Disease Background Information

Giardia is a single cell protozoan parasite that lives in the small intestines of animals, including humans, cats and dogs. The parasite is distributed worldwide and is one of the most frequently identified sources of gastrointestinal infections.

Test Principle

This test is a rapid (10 minute) assay based on the detection of Giardia specific antigens in canine fecal samples. The assay uses sensitized gold particles to bind up this antigen and deposit at the test line. The accumulation of this gold particle/antigen complex at the test line results in a band (line) that can be seen visually. A second control line indicates that the test has been performed correctly.

Kit Contents

  • Test Devices: 15 or 30 individually packaged test devices.
  • Sample Dilution Buffer: 15 or 30 tubes containing 1 ml of sample dilution buffer with sodium azide as a preservative.
  • Transfer Pipettes: 15 or 30
  • Collection Swabs: 15 or 30
  • Instruction for use: 1