FP Elisa II – Equine Infectious Anemia (EIAV)

The FP-ELISA II Kit is Centaur’s third generation test for antibodies to Equine Infectious Anemia Virus in horse serum. Its name is derived from the Fusion of the p45 envelope antigen and the p26 core antigen used in the previous version. The protein is coated onto the plate and used in the conjugate. Equine antibodies to EIAV bridge the plate protein with the conjugate creating a highly sensitive and specific assay. During the redevelopment, Centaur took the opportunity to simplify and speed up the test. A new green conjugate helps the user monitor where it has been added or washed away.

Because there is no cure and no effective vaccine for EIAV, disease control measures are limited to the identification and isolation of infected animals. The FP-ELISA II test provides a rapid and reliable method for the detection of EIAV antibodies.

  • Proven Technology

  • Simple and Easy To Interpret!

  • Distilled Water Wash

  • Read Visually or Use a¬†Spectrophotometer

  • Results in Less Than 30 minutes!

  • Stop Solution is Optional – allows reading results on a Timetable of the Users Choosing

The FP ELISA II is manufactured exclusively for Centaur Animal Health by Safepath Laboratories, a USDA licensed establishment.