Centaur Animal Health and Biocythex Enter Distribution Agreement

 OLATHE, KS and PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 18, 2014 –Centaur Animal Health and Biocythex today announced that they have entered into an international distribution agreement for various diagnostic products. Biocythex will market Centaur Animal Health’s diagnostic products to the equine veterinary market in Mexico.

We are delighted that we and Biocythex share a common vision in equine sciences to achieve an agreement to distribute diagnostic products throughout Mexico as the country has some 1,300,000 horses. We are excited by this opportunity to introduce innovative diagnostic products to veterinarians across Mexico”, Jeff Boily President and CEO of Centaur Animal Health.

In May 2012, the BIOCYTHEX began its activities, whose primary purpose is to handle products of biotechnological origin. In 2014, the Equine Health Division opens, with the launch of ETR GUAYDES, muscle relaxant and central spasmolytic action. Now a proud distributor of CENTAUR ANIMAL HEALTH from USA. Focused on the marketing of ELISA II Equine Infectious Anemia diagnostic kit.” shared by Dr. Fernando Larios, President & CEO, Biocythex.

Centaur Animal Health markets a variety of ELISA and “RAPID” diagnostic tests in the USA. Including its patent protected EQUINE INFECTIOUS ANEMIA VIRUS ANTOBODY TEST KIT (FP ELISA II), FOALCHEK® latex agglutination assay for Failure of Passive Transfer in foals, and blood chemistry reagents.

About Centaur Animal Health

Centaur Animal Health was founded in 1986 and is focused on developing innovative diagnostic, pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals products that address significant therapeutic needs for companion and production animals. Centaur licenses and develops patent-protected technologies from animal health or human pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Custom manufacturing is available in their FDA and DEA certified plant. For more information, please visit www.centauranimalhealth.com or phone 913-390-6184.



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